Monday, June 17, 2013

thud . . . . . .yes, that was my heart

5:45 on a Friday night, still at school - on a ladder no less.  Yes, I understand there are only two and a half days left with kids, but there's more fun to be had.  Yeah, yeah, I know I have three kiddos and hubby to feed, but come on, it’s time for Camp Learn-A-Lot and the tent needs to be hung!

A second grade colleague comes by and we begin chatting about next year.  I almost fall off the ladder when she says, "Most of the kids are afraid to come to third grade" - perhaps my gasping for air was the cue that I needed more information, thankfully she continues - "they're terrified of the state tests and that's all they're talking about.  Some of them asked if they had to go to third grade."

Initial surprise & sadness has rolled into anger over the weekend.  What the heck are we doing to our kiddos?  These babies are SEVEN people and they’re AFRAID TO GO TO THIRD GRADE!!!!  Now Dear Mrs. Reilly my third grade teacher was the best!  I looked so forward to third grade and these kiddos are AFRAID!!! 

We worked it out  the thirds went down to the second grade and had a friendly chat and put their fears to rest.  They spent the time talking about inquiry and wonder, buoyancy and force, multiplication and division, country research, and our Travel Expo  real learning, not “fake stuff” as one of my thirds so accurately nicknamed the state assessments .

What the heck are we doing to our kids???